Proof of Patronage

Proof of Patronage is a unique philanthropic model created by House of Lobkowicz which sells NFTs of various works of art in need of restoration from the Lobkowicz Collections.

The price of the NFT is set at the cost of the restoration of the underlying physical work. The sale of the NFT directly funds the restoration of the physical work. The original patron subsequently receives an additional NFT post-restoration to see the work’s transformation as a result of their patronage, ultimately owning two NFTs: one of the work in its damaged condition and one in its restored condition.

Holders of each NFT will receive their restored artwork as an additional NFT once its restoration is complete.

Disclaimer: The NFT and the physical work are two separate entities. Ownership of the NFT does not grant ownership of the physical work.


Proof of Patronage sales are processed using cryptocurrency. If you do not have cryptocurrency or a crypto wallet, you can use this step-by-step guide to create one, or you can also pay with fiat currency. If you prefer to pay with fiat, please contact:

Proof of Patronage Restorations